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Cambridge Maths Hub Case Study interviews

During 2020/21, Cambridge Maths Hub began a new initiative to collate case studies of teachers and schools working with us. We hope you will enjoy watching these different perspectives from teachers and headteachers on improving the teaching of maths.

Changing maths across the school 

These case studies describe the different ways in which schools have responded to the professional development offered and the impact it has had on teaching and learning.

The case studies enable us to share learning, innovations, evidence and examples of improved practice as a result of the primary, secondary and teaching for mastery programmes (which aim to develop and spread excellent practice for the benefit of all pupils and students).

Local Leaders of Maths Education (LLME)

These case studies reflect on the experience of taking up a Cambridge Maths Hub leadership role – along with the successes, challenges and achievements  in improving practice in the teaching of maths and outcomes for pupils, students and schools.

The interviews help to illustrate just some of the opportunities and benefits gained from participation in the Cambridge Maths Hub programmes and leadership roles.

Mastery Specialists

Each year we recruit around six mastery specialists. They teach in primary or secondary schools in the Cambridge Maths Hub region. When they have completed their training, they work with other schools helping them to embed teaching for mastery. Our mastery specialists are all classroom practitioners wanting to explore the effective teaching of maths.

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