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Here are materials created by members of the Cambridge Maths Hub.  

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Research and Innovation Work Group

Anne Haberfield is leading a Research and Innovation Work Group that focuses on teaching for mastery in special schools.

Research area: How can we support the development of teachers in special schools to adopt teaching for mastery strategies?
You can hear Anne talking about the early stages of the project:

Early Career Framework

The Early Career Framework (ECF) is a document that provides considerable detail about the things Early-Career Teachers (ECTs) should do as part of their induction to the profession, during the two years after they have qualified as teachers.

It is a generic document, for primary and secondary teachers of all subjects.  When a group of teachers from the Cambridge Maths Hub discussed the framework, we were struck by how many of the statements reminded us of some of the key tenets of Teaching for Mastery, as it is presented by the NCETM and promoted (through work groups and the training of mastery leads) by the Maths Hubs.

A small working group created two documents: one for primary and the other for secondary, to provide connections between mastery materials and concepts and the ECF.  The idea is for ECTs to be able to use this document to provide support and suggestions from a mathematics perspective.

Download the Primary document


Download the Secondary document


The two columns from the ECF have been included.  The second of these columns consists of ‘Learn how to …’ statements that are intended to be worked on in the classroom.  We have highlighted the statements we think are closely related to the work of the Maths Hubs.  The third column is new and provides links to materials that explain the connections between the ECF statements and Teaching for Mastery.


The relevant document could be dipped into (by ECTs and their mentors) if there is a particular area of maths teaching that will form the focus for some developmental work.  Or it could be used in full as each standard is focused on during the two years of induction.

The group that worked on these documents consisted of Katie Crozier, Chris Clayton, Vicky Osborne and Mark Dawes.  Particular thanks are due to Katie and Vicky for their expertise and the time they devoted to this project.

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