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About us

The Cambridge Maths Hub aims to develop:

  • Teachers and pupils to be confident and successful mathematicians

  • Teachers and pupils who are inspired by the creativity and power of mathematics

  • Schools that value a culture of collaborative and reflective practice

  • Teachers’ deep understanding of maths and related pedagogy


Within England, there are 40 Maths Hubs, each located in an outstanding school. The Cambridge Maths Hub, based at Cambourne VC, has a remit to improve the teaching and learning of maths across the county. We lead PD for teachers from Early Years to post 16 including special schools. All PD leads are practising teachers willing to share with and learn from others.


The Cambridge Maths Hub region runs from Linton to Hunstanton and from Peterborough to Bury St Edmunds


Our Hub works to provide the best possible support for schools in the following Local Authority Districts.

  • Cambridge

  • Cambridgeshire

  • King’s Lynn and West Norfolk (Norfolk)

  • Peterborough

  • West Suffolk


We continue to work in collaboration with Angles (previously Norfolk & Suffolk), Matrix, Venn Essex and Enigma Maths Hubs to meet the needs of all schools across the region, so please don’t hesitate to contact us if you are close to a border.


You can also find your local Maths Hub through the NCETM’s website.


Over the year more than half of the schools in Cambridgeshire have taken advantage of our Work Groups and conferences. A huge variety of courses are available, most of which are free.


We are delighted to be working alongside enthusiastic, talented and dedicated teachers.

Here’s some feedback we’ve received:


The Hub is making a huge impact on the quality of maths work in the County – Local primary headteacher

The Teaching for Mastery workgroup has gone very well this year with significant impact across the school and beyond.


 This has included:

  • Highly motivated pupils – Many state maths as their favourite subject

  • Highly trained motivated and thoughtful staff

  • Really positive feedback from (teachers)

  • An assessment system that has been validated and that shows small steps of progression across the school

  • Maths can be clearly seen across the school within displays and in non-specialist subjects. – Local deputy headteacher

“The CPD provided to date has been outstanding. After teaching for 10 years I didn’t realise how powerful these approaches to improve maths reasoning for pupils could be.”  – Secondary maths teacher


The Maths Hub not only improves teaching and learning but provides opportunities for teachers to develop subject specific leadership skills. This helps to keep good maths teachers in the classroom.

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