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Mastery Readiness
Take a step into the primary Teaching for Mastery Programme

What's the focus?

The focus of Mastery Readiness is school and classroom culture. How can we create a culture in which all children and teachers have a positive mindset about maths? How can we plan to implement changes in pedagogy next year (Developing mastery) and keep all staff involved?


Who can take part?


All state funded schools in Cambridgeshire (except Cambridge City and South Cambs), Peterborough, West Suffolk and King's Lynn and West Norfolk can apply. Schools in Cambridge City and South Cambs do not usually receive funding for Mastery Readiness and join the programme in year 2. Please get in touch with us directly if you feel you have a good reason to join Mastery Readiness.

After the year-long programme, Mastery Readiness schools will be ready to progress into Development Work Groups and beyond.

What is the cost?

There is no charge for participation in this programme. However, schools must ensure that staff are released to engage in the workshops and school visits, and that the headteacher attends events where appropriate.

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