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Primary Teaching for Mastery Sustaining 2024-25
Building collaborative communities

Continued support to embed and refine a teaching for mastery approach and improve pupil outcomes.

What is involved?

The sustaining mastery  project supports schools to continue to embed and sustain teaching for mastery approaches with fidelity and consistency, making effective use of high-quality resources. 

The aim is for schools to see high quality teaching across all classrooms in their school. This Work Group provides an opportunity for maths leads and other members of staff to collaborate around design of lessons, gaining deeper subject knowledge and developing leadership.


For schools that have not been part of the mastery programme for a while (2 years+), we can offer aMastery refresher programme. Together we will look at the Five Big Ideas, structures around maths in schools and what constitutes a high-quality maths lesson.

Alongside this, schools have the option of three days of bespoke support which will consist of school visits and days to collaborate over school development plans and understanding the maths Ofsted review.


For schools that have been attending Embedding Mastery or Sustaining Mastery during the current or previous academic years, schools can choose to attend one of these two programmes:

a) maths lead and a colleague from Y1, Y2 or Y3 or

b) maths lead and a colleague from Y4 Y5 or Y6.

Both options will be held in at least two different locations. 


Schools testify to the value of sending two participants to these Work Groups as this enables collaboration and supports dissemination.  If this is not possible, the maths lead should attend.  We do not need details of these participants at this time, just the main contacts.

Participant schools will be encouraged to review school systems and cultures, refining them to ensure that there is fidelity to teaching for mastery and that the impact on pupils is maximised. There is opportunity for schools to work beyond their own setting – schools will network, exchange practice, and collaborate to support each other to sustain teaching for mastery with support of the Work Group Lead.

Who can take part?

Schools currently on Embedding Teaching for Mastery

Schools currently on Sustaining Teaching for Mastery

Schools who have previously completed Developing Teaching for Mastery and want to re-engage.

Watch the video of teacher who is engaged in TfM Sustaining

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